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Marshall Comins

Executive Director

Marshall Comins is a senior advisor, specializing in strategic consulting, international advocacy, crisis management and complex issue resolution. He is the executive director of the European Association for Economic Cooperation with West African States. 

Marshall believes that strengthening African trade relations and foreign direct investment is of paramount importance due to its far-reaching implications for the continent's socioeconomic growth and global relevance. By building resilient trade partnerships, Africa can position itself as a significant player in the global economy, driving inclusive development and unlocking its full potential for the benefit of its people and the world.


In his role as an advisor to government, political, and international business stakeholders, Marshall works with clients to resolve the most complex issues, advance their interests, and build the right arguments before the public. A specialist in the countries of the former Soviet Union, with in-depth experience operating across Africa, Marshall has a track record of executing integrated programs for clients that add value to their agenda.

He earned his master's degree in international relations (with a concentration in strategic studies) and international economics from the Johns Hopkins University's School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) in Washington, D.C.

Some important information about Marshall:


+ Marshall is known for his highly trusted relationships with his international clients, for whom he has time and again secured the most innovative solutions to their most problematic issues. He is trilingual and has worked all across the globe.


+ Marshall served as a longtime senior advisor (technical, digital and strategic comms) to one of the world’s most prominent international electoral campaign managers, collaborating on a broad array of political and issue campaigns and other initiatives from the Middle East to Sub-Saharan Africa to Eastern Europe.


+ Marshall has forged throughout his career a robust personal and professional network of political and business stakeholders around the world, allowing him to swiftly identify and mobilize the required resources for his portfolio of clients.

More information about Marshall can be found here:


Key Appointments, Affiliations, and Activities

Past [-] and Present [+]

– Special Advisor for Europe and International Strategy, The Office of the Head of State (MENA)

– Senior Advisor for International Affairs, Senator, Former Governor and Presidential Candidate, Forbes-Listed Entrepreneur, West Africa

+ Crisis Management and Media Strategy Advisor, Forbes-Listed Entrepreneur, with Diversified Asset Portfolio in Oil and Gas, Mining, Healthcare and Entertainment

– Special Advisor for Eurasia and East Asia, Forbes-Listed Entrepreneur in Nigeria, with Global Interests Spanning Telecommunications, Oil and Gas and Retail

– Senior Advisor for Strategy, Ambassador of Zimbabwe

– Special Advisor for International Strategy, Former Head of State in CEE Country

+ Senior Advisor for International Affairs, Global Petroleum Group (Grenada)

+ Founder and CEO, Global Executive Outcomes Group Limited (UAE)

– Partner and Executive Vice President of Global Affairs, Stone Strategic Solutions

– Member, Euro-Atlantic Security Initiative (EASI) Next Generation Leaders Network, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

+ Vice President, Strategic Consulting, Romanian-American Business Council

+ Special Advisor to East African Member of Parliament and Sport Federation President

– Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Russian Softball Federation, and, Executive Director of Global Communications, Romanian Baseball Federation

– Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Washington East West Political Strategies

Contact Details

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