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Our Vision

To build a strong bilateral network of economic stakeholders to support the accelerated improvement of trade, business and investment relationships through better communication.

Our Mission

Facilitating the communication and supporting the understanding between Europe and West Africa

Our Values

Transparency, efficiency and  parity of all stakeholders in a continuous, open, and honest dialogue.



Who we are?

EUROWAS, or European Association for Cooperation with West African States, is a B2G and B2B platform for better communication and collaboration between Europe and West Africa. We work to support European businesses in finding new opportunities, being better informed, and sustaining business success in West Africa.

Who is it for?

Organizations of any legal form registered within the European Economic Area, Switzerland or the United Kingdom, as well as those registered in West Africa, are eligible to become members of EUROWAS. We also collaborate with international organizations, chambers of commerce and trade associations whose activities are connected with West Africa.


What is the legal form?

EUROWAS is a special trade development initiative jointly created and owned by Global Executive Outcomes Group and Affinis Group.

Managing Directors

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